Distinguished Lecture by Professor Michael Papa

29 May 2018 at 10:15-12:00 in Lecture hall IX, University Main Building, Biskopsgatan 3, Uppsala

Waging Peace in Darfur: Implications for Communication Theory and Praxis


The ongoing conflict in Darfur is a product of three social structures: climate change, race, and gender. Communication theories provide us with insight into how such conflicts unfold and might be mediated. Two theories considered in this lecture are symphonic discourse and improvisational action. These theories will be considered in light of the mediation work performed recently by the Women’s Alliance for Peace in Darfur, a civil society group that has been successful in mediating dozens of violent conflicts in the region. Approaches to expand the peacemaking capacity of such groups through application of communication theories and processes are considered.


Michael Papa is professor at Central Michigan University, Department of Communication and Dramatic Arts and has been involved in the design and evaluation of various organizations promoting social change initiatives in Bangladesh, India, Thailand, and the U.S. He has also conducted research in conflict management, group decision-making processes, management selection and development, and technology diffusion in organizations. He has served as a consultant to The Carter Center in Atlanta, GA, documenting President Carter's approach to negotiating peace with a focus on the settlement reached between Uganda and Sudan, and ending the Sudanese civil war. Michael Papa has received eleven research awards for top papers from The National Communication Association, The International Communication Association, and Central Michigan University's President's Award for Scholarly and Creative Activity. Source: Central Michigan University, College of the Arts and Media, Department of Communication, Faculty and Staff (2018-05-17).

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