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Latest publications

The latest publications at the department of informatics and media published in DiVA (the Digital Scientific Archive) sorted by the newest first.

  • Sjöström, Jonas; Ågerfalk, Pär; Hevner, Alan

    The Design of a System for Online Psychosocial Care: Balancing Privacy and Accountability in Sensitive Online Healthcare Environments

    Part of Journal of the AIS, 2022.

    Open access
  • Costa Climent, Ricardo; Haftor, Darek M.

    Value creation through the evolution of business model themes

    Part of Journal of Business Research, p. 353-361, 2021.

    Open access
  • Filimonov, Kirill

    The Performance of Participation in Russian Alternative Media: Discourse, Materiality and Affect in Grassroots Media Production in Contemporary Russia

    Open access
  • Hedrén, Andreas

    With Lives on the Line: How Users Respond to a Highly Mandated Information System Implementation - A Longitudinal Study

    Open access
  • Lövgren, Daniel; Sataøen, Hogne Lerøy

    Universitet, högskolor och kommunikation: Från information till synlighet

    Part of Organisationer och kommunikation, p. 131-158, 2021.

  • Krzyzanowski, Michal; Ekman, Mattias; Nilsson, Per-Erik; Gardell, Mattias et al.

    Uncivility, Racism and Populism: Discourses & Interactive Practices of Anti- & Post-Democratic Communication


  • Jakobsson, Peter; Stiernstedt, Fredrik

    Arbetarklassens symboliska utplåning i medelklassens medier

    Part of Klass i Sverige, 2021.

  • Jakobsson, Peter; Stiernstedt, Fredrik

    Shaming working-class people on reality television: Perspectives from Swedish television production

    Part of Mediated Shame of Class and Poverty Across Europe, 2021.

  • Haftor, Darek M.; Costa Climent, Ricardo; Eriksson Lundström, Jenny

    How machine learning activates data network effects in business models: Theory advancement through an industrial case of promoting ecological sustainability

    Part of Journal of Business Research, p. 196-205, 2021.

    Open access
  • Jakobsson, Peter; Stiernstedt, Fredrik; Kaun, Anne

    Media, trust and information during the pandemic

    Part of “Trust me!”, 2021.

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