TROPHY: Managing the Digital Transformation of Physical Space

This project aims to understand the inherent values ​​of the physical and the digital, by considering the physical and digital as building blocks that shape interactions between human actors and their spatial conditions. The aim is to provide a more elaborate understanding of factors that condition successful organizational interaction at the intersection of digital and physical space. Such knowledge would provide normative guidance for managers in their efforts to effectively lead an organization towards successful organizational interactions with their customers, members and visitors.

Project period

 2018-11-15 -- 2020-12-31


The project has been awarded a grant from Vinnova within the call "Innovation management and organization - research for increased innovation capacity 2018".

Project members

At the department of informatics and media:
Darek Haftor, project leader, contact and researcher
Ylva Ekström, researcher
Therese Monstad, researcher
Claes Thorén, researcher
Henrik Åhman, researcher

At the department of Social and Economic Geography
Johan Jansson, researcher