Sustainable urban play environments

A large challenge today is to ensure that children have possibilities to be physically active outdoors. Play environments in residential areas and at schools are not prioritized in today's society in contrast to play areas that children cannot go to by themselves. Accessible and well known play environments are especially important for children with special needs physically or cognitively. The aim of this project is to increase knowledge in society about how play environments with a high play value can be built in the city that are accessible for all children.

If digital interactivity and green environments with vegetation, natural materials and landscape are integrated, that can provide a combination of the positive aspects of computer gaming and play in nature. The interface between digital technology and nature is an an area that needs more research to open possible new ways of planning for play in the city in the near future. Scientific studies will be performed in this project to document and measure the effects that combining digital technology and nature play can give in terms of play value compared to traditional playgrounds.

Digital technology is integrated in a nature like environment making use of natural materials, vegetation and landscape. A procurement guide is developed with the aim of improving procurers knowledge about how to design play environments with high play value. Two play environments built by this partner group, in which natural environments have been enhanced with digital technology, will be researched and evaluated addressing questions that can build knowledge about what type of play that develops there and how the possibility to appropriate such environments affects play value.

Project period

2018-11-19 – 2022-12-31



Project members

Project members at the Department of Informatics and Media:
Annika Waern, project leader and contact

More about the project

More details about the project “Sustainable urban play environments” at SweCRIS’ web site