Media and communication reserach

The department’s research in the field of media and communication studies focuses on the analysis of media and communication, which is seen as a dimension of the social, always affected and contextualised by the multitude of other dimensions that also characterise the social.

The intellectual project of the MCS research team combines the analysis of communicational processes within the different dimensions of the social – with a particular emphasis on the political, the cultural, the civic, the organisational, the developmental and the medical – with the study of the structures of communication and mediation, which implies the study of media organisations, media content and media reception. In the latter case, ample attention is spent on researching digital media, and in particular social media, but the structures of communication and mediation also include a diversity of media and cultural organisations, ranging from news and entertainment media, alternative and community media, museums and universities.

Within these research fields, three thematic focal points further structure the MCS research team’s work:

Our research combines theory and empirical studies and also gives attention to normative, ethical, praxeological, and philosophical questions of media and communication. It is grounded in approaches as for example: media/communication theory, sociological theory and media sociology, critical theory and political economy, cultural (media) studies, Internet research and information society studies, media ethics, organizational studies, feminism and gender studies, discourse studies and post-structuralist media studies, etc.

Our research is guided by critical inquiries that are normatively grounded in social change processes aimed at increased levels of societal participation and the democratisation of democracy, inclusive communication, co-operation, a critical and warm public sphere, and the public good (the commons of society).

Research projects

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