Research Human-Computer Interaction

The research area of human-computer interaction (HCI) covers the studies of the interplay between people and digital technology; interplay which simultaneously creates new digital use patterns and digital practices.

Information technology of today has become an inherent part of our everyday existence and is an intrinsic part of almost all products and services we encounter. HCI research at the Department of Informatics and Media has a strong design focus and is mainly oriented towards developing new solutions and tools for the creation of  fun, usable and powerful user interfaces, services and products. The HCI research group is also a driving force in the development of user oriented studies of new and innovative technological solutions. 

The group publishes it’s own work regularly for the benefit of the international scientific community at the same time working on national and international level collaboration projects with other parties such as foreign researchers, companies and public organisations.


In our research projects we study a number of things - from mobile technologies and interactive architecture to effective 3D visualizations for decision-makers. In addition, we conduct experimental studies of embodied interaction and we study both new interaction techniques for interactive learning and social media technologies. We are also focused on developing methods to bring together theoretical concepts with practical development and user-centered design of digital systems.

A few of our projects:

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We believe that to maintain the high quality of research it is important to stay on top of innovation in research and technology. Our researchers are actively involved in a variety of scientific projects. We contribute to the development of our field while simultaneously transferring the most up to date information through our research and courses. That said we also have our particular interests, research approaches and backgrounds.

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