Zinecraft: Nordic DiGRA’s Zine Making Workshop

Zine making artefacs.Welcome to the Zine Making Workshop at Nordic Digra 2023!

Come make a (fan)zine with us at the end of the conference! Making your own zine is an informal way to document your experiences and takeaways from the conference: to the future joy of yourself and other researchers.

During the conference, gather materials for your zine! Take notes, take pictures and find anything you want to add to the zine (ticket stubs, receipts etc).

Time and place

Friday 28 April 2023 at 16:00–17:30. The workshop will be held at Kyrkogårdsgatan 2C, a yellow house inside Observatorieparken. Check your map app as it might be a bit hard to find.


Register (no cost) to Zinecraft: Nordic DiGRA’s Zine Making Workshop (via eventbrites web)

The power of the zine-making methodology

For this conference, we believe that a zine-making workshop run at the end of the conference proceedings will provide a great opportunity to demonstrate the power of the zine-making methodology. It would also allow participants to reflect on their findings of the conference and create a physical manifestation of their takeaways.

Zinecraft: Nordic DiGRA's Zine Making Workshop (pdf) – full description.

What to bring

We will ask participants to collect their ideas throughout the conference to be ready for the workshop. This may be notes, pictures, or any other physical materials collected during the conference (ticket stubs, receipts, napkins, etc.)

What we will provide 

For the zine-making workshop, the facilitators will bring scrap paper, some scissors, glue sticks and pens. We will also bring small thermal printers if people would like to print black and white photographs they have taken throughout the conference and add them to their zine.

You can take your zine home with you at the end of the conference!

See you soon, zinesters!

Last modified: 2023-03-23