Funding for research collaborations: Case study of communication during the pandemic


A study of communication in the time of the pandemic. This is the topic in focus in one of the four new collaboration projects that have received funding through the Uppsala University's Verification for collaboration (VFS) programme. Therese Monstad and Ylva Ekström at the Department of Informatics and Media are responsible academic researchers in the project.

The project focuses on the role of communication in crisis situations. Reaching all citizens with the necessary government information is a challenge that came to a head during the corona pandemic. The need for targeted communication efforts has become evident, and has also been identified in connection with the CRUSH Covid collaborative project.

The aim of the case study is to improve targeted communication efforts linked to health-related challenges, with a particular focus on the pandemic. Reviewing and learning from Region Uppsala’s past and current communication efforts during the pandemic will not only contribute to reducing the spread of infection here and now, but may also provide important knowledge for future health communication challenges.

Department of Informatics and Media in collaboration with Region Uppsala. Responsible academic researchers are Therese Monstad and Ylva Ekström at the Department of Informatics and Media.

More information about the Verification for collaboration programme in the news article “Funding for research collaborations with external parties”.