CRUSH Covid: new research collaboration


Therese Monstad and Ylva Ekström at the Department of Informatics and Media are two of the researchers that participate in the new cross disciplinary research project CRUSH Covid. Uppsala University and the Uppsala Region are launching the joint research project aimed at surveying, preventing and reducing the spread of Covid-19 infection in Uppsala County.

Using sources including data from the 1177 healthcare helpline and viral measurements in wastewater, the researchers aim to rapidly detect local outbreaks and thereby lower the transmission rate of the disease.

Researchers in different fields

Uppsala University participants in the CRUSH Covid project carry out research in general medicine, molecular and medical epidemiology, IT, environmental microbiology, statistics, and media and communications. The Uppsala Region provides experts in testing strategy and infection tracing, and in the statistics of testing.

Therese Monstad and Ylva Ekström, Senior Lecturers in Media and Communication Studies at the Department of Informatics and Media, participate in the research project.

CRUSH Covid: new research collaboration, find out more on Uppsala University’s webb.