Claire Ingram Bogusz receives Hans Dalborg Award for excellence in research in financial economics


Claire Ingram Bogusz, Associate Professor at the Department of Informatics and Media, receives the Hans Dalborg Award 2023 for her research on fintech entrepreneurship. Ingram Bogusz will present her research during the Swedish House of Finance annual meeting on 10 May 2023.

Tech-enabled democratisation of finance: Digital entrepreneurship in FinTech, blockchain and crowdfunding

It is widely acknowledged that digital technologies have fundamentally re-shaped finance – allowing legacy firms to offer new services but also innovation – both in entrepreneurship driven by individual firms, and entrepreneurship that is collective and boundary-spanning. Extant research points to how digital entrepreneurship entails a blurring of (firm) boundaries and entrepreneurial agency, and Ingram Bogusz examines fintech entrepreneurship along these lines. Her research examines this wave of digitally mediated fintech entrepreneurship, with particular interest in collectively orchestrated ideas around legitimacy, identity, and collective organising.

Hans Dalborg Award 2023 goes to research on fintech entrepreneurship and high-turnover investment strategies, news item on the Swedish House of Finance’s web.

Claire Ingram Bogusz, Associate Professor at Uppsala University and affiliated researcher at the House of Innovation at Stockholm School of Economics.