The GIFT project

Museums serve as our collective memory, preserving and interpreting our shared culture and identity. The central challenge of the GIFT project is to create designs that facilitate meaningful interpersonal experiences. GIFT focusses on hybrid experiences, realized through mixed reality designs that overlay physical visits with digital content as a way to complement, challenge or reframe the experience of museum visits.

The department of Informatics and Media participates in the project in the role of theory lead. Based primarily in discourse theory and pragmatic design theory, our role is to document and articulate the knowledge contributions that emerge from the practical design and evaluation work within the project, and that help us understand how hybrid museum experiences are designed and experienced.

Within the project, we also experiment with a range of methods to make rather abstract theories accessible to the kind of interdisciplinary design teams that typically take on the challenge of creating these kinds of museum experiences.

Project period

The GIFT project started in 2017 and ends December 2019.


The GIFT project is funded under the Horizon 2020 CULT-COOP programme and consists of partners from Sweden, Denmark, U.K. and Serbia.

Project members

Project members at the Department of Informatics and Media:

Annika Waern, project leader and contact
Jon Back, researcher
Lina Eklund, researcher
Paulina Rajkowska, doctoral student

More about the project

Read more about the research on the GIFT project web.

Content responsible: Annika Waern