AI research at Uppsala in Social Sciences and Humanities: a cross-disciplinary and future-oriented workshop

  • Date: –16:45
  • Location: Universitetshuset Lecture hall XI
  • Organiser: Department of Informatics and Media and Department of Business Studies
  • Contact person: Matilda Tudor
  • Workshop

The Department of Informatics and Media and the Department of Business Studies cordially invite you to a workshop with Uppsala University and WASP-HS guest professor Mark Coeckelbergh.

Uppsala University has the great privilege of welcoming Mark Coeckelbergh as WASP-HS guest professor. In the years 2023-2028, Mark will lead the transdisciplinary project AI Design Futures, which is a joint project at the Departments of Business Studies and Informatics and Media.

In parallel, it is our firm intention to connect with other ongoing research within, in particular, the Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences in order for Mark’s guest professorship to give Uppsala University, as a whole, a very positive boost in the increasingly topical and dynamic field of AI-related research within our disciplines.

As a first effort, we welcome you to a full-day workshop, which is an internal Uppsala University event, at which we will present ongoing research to Mark and join in mutually beneficial discussions on how to advance our research further.

Please register for participation by email to, no later than 25 April 2023. Also, notify any dietary requirements.


9:15 Welcome from the organisers. Amanda Lagerkvist, Magnus Strand

9:20 Introducing the project AI Design Futures. Mark Coeckelbergh

9.40 Project presentations and discussion

PI’s and selected project members present their projects and recent results for discussion. 20 minutes are allotted per project: 10 minutes (max.) for the project presentation and 10 minutes for discussion. Mark begins to comment, then the floor is open. We list all project members below, with presenting members in bold font.

BioMe: Existential Challenges and Ethical Imperatives of Biometric AI in Everyday Lifeworlds. Amanda Lagerkvist (PI), Matilda Tudor, Jenny Eriksson-Lundström, Maria Rogg, Jacek Smolicki and Charles Ess

Quantifying Culture. Anna Foka (PI), Gabriele Griffin, Dalia Ortizm Pablo, Paulina Rajkowska and Nasrin Mostofian

Our Technology Relation with AI. Annika Waern (PI)

10:40 Coffee

11:00 Project presentations and discussion continue

AI and Political Communication. Carl Öhman (PI), Alexandra Segerberg, Sophie Mainz and Emelie Karlsson

AI-based RegTech. Donal Casey (PI), Magnus Strand, Subhalagna Choudhury and Karim Nasr

CreAI: Generative Artificial Intelligence within the limits of EU law. Katja De Vries (PI)

12:00 Lunch in Café Alma

13:30 Project presentations and discussion continue

INTIMATE AI: Knowing through the machine. Lina Eklund (PI), Helga Sadowski, Matilda Tudor and Amanda Lagerkvist

AI and the Financial Markets: Accountability and Risk Management with Legal Tools. Magnus Strand (PI), Johanna Chamberlain, Andreas Kotsios, Malou Larsson Klevhill, Ensieh Mahi and Jason Crawford

Artificial Intelligence, Democracy and Human Dignity. Johan Wejryd, Yulia Razmetaeva, Oliver Li, Anna-Sara Lind (PI), Johan Eddebo, Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, Lars Karlander and Silvia M Carretta

Patterns of Popularity: Machine Learning and Audiobook Reading. Karl Berglund (PI), Mats Dahllöf

14:50 Coffee

15:10 Synergies and strategies

Cross-environment discussion on synergies and strategies in subgroups – organisers will prepare concrete questions to serve as a point of departure for discussions.

16:00 Plenary discussion

16:30 Closing address: Tora Holmberg, Uppsala University vice-rector for the Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences

This workshop, including coffee and lunch, is free of charge courtesy of the AI Design Futures project.