PhD courses

The Department of Informatics Media offers doctoral courses to students within our three Departmental PhD programmes (Human-Computer Interaction, Information Systems, Media and Communication Studies) as well as to students in the other PhD programmes at Uppsala University, especially those from within the UU Faculty of Social Sciences and the wider UU Disciplinary Domain of Humanities and Social Sciences. In some cases (if specified), PhD courses offered at IM are also open to selected wider Swedish PhD training networks (such as, e.g., Swedish PhD Courses in HCI; or TRAIN Network for PhD Students of Media & Communications in Sweden).

The following PhD course is at present recurrently offered by the Department of Informatics and Media (NB: please note that the course below does not take place on a regular/annual basis, so kindly check with course convenor for the current/forthcoming iterations):

Qualitative Analysis and Critical Discourse Studies

(Course Convenor: Professor Michal Krzyzanowski)

This 7.5 hp PhD course offers a comprehensive introduction to both key premises of qualitative analysis and of Critical Discourse Analysis / Critical Discourse Studies considered in close combination and while pointing to their mutual complementariness. It highlights the special role of CDA/CDS in bridging several areas of qualitative social inquiry and provides theoretical as well as practical introduction to how discourse-based research can be used in exploring the dynamics of contemporary social change from a communication-oriented and qualitative point of view. The course provides examples of – as well as opportunities for - hands-on analysis allowing students to follow as well as apply various problem-oriented ways of analysing communication across various sites and modalities of mediation in society (especially in such areas as traditional and online/social media, politics, policy and organisations). It also explores discourse-centred, qualitative research designs applied to not only selected/isolated contexts of communication but also while tracing - in a typically CDS-manner - recontextualisation of discourses and meanings across various spatial and temporal scales and diverse sites of articulation of meanings in different social fields.

Last modified: 2023-11-22