Interview with Göran Svensson

Göran Svensson, Doctor of Philosophy, teaches media and communication on all levels. Main research interests are journalism, media criticism and digital media/new media.

Why / how did you become a teacher and a researcher?

I am curious and have always wanted to know more and ask questions. I was trained and worked a couple of years as a journalist. Doing that I discovered that I needed to learn more, and that's the way it is. Learning never stops, it's a process that never ends. There is so much to find out and ask about media and communication today.

What do you think is most important in your role?

To make the students more engaged in our area of study - media, communication and journalism - and to contribute to their knowledge about the area, to develop their capacity to ask questions and to make sure they can use the knowledge professionally and in their everyday life.

Which of your tasks do you enjoy most?

Meeting the students in seminars to discuss media and media development. Through discussion and reflection, they develop knowledge, skills and a new approach towards our area of study and professional work. I feel that's the purpose of the studies.

The best student tradition at Uppsala University?

The Walpurgis celebration in Ekoparken.

Do you have any advice for prospective / current students?

It is always difficult to advice, but if I must give one I would advice the students to develop and refine a critical approach because critique and criticism can be creative, innovative and contribute to change in positive ways.

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