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Interested in studies within information systems, media and communication or human computer interaction?

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IT, people and communication

Are you interested in how IT can support people in their work and everyday lives? Do you want to work together with employers, users and technicians to develop but also improve new and existing IT systems?

Is the role of media and communication processes’ in modern society something that interests you? Curious about new digital media and communication technics and new forms of communication patterns that emerge online and on social media?

Are you interested in the interplay between IT systems and human beings who use them? Do you like to puzzle with problem solving as well as to develop computer software?

Would you like to combine your theoretical knowledge with the practical work skills of journalism while at the same time reflecting through scientific scope on the possibilities and challenges of journalism?

We have the education you need.

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New student?

Welcome to the Department of Informatics and Media! Are you a new student at Uppsala University? Do you wonder what does it mean to be a student in Uppsala? Registration, student account, housing, economy, studies and student life - how do you go about that? Find the answers to all your questions by reading the guide on the useful things to know when you are a new student at Uppsala University.

Do you want to join a student organisation? At our department we have two student organisations: Uppsala Information System Students - Uppsala Systemvetare and Uppsala Media Students -  Uppsala Medievetare.

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