The alumni society at the Department of Informatics and Media  - IM Alumn - is responsible for promoting contacts between prior students and teachers, researchers as well as current students at the department.

IM Alumn was created on the 3rd of December 2010 and its goals is to reach out to you who studied one of the following fields at Uppsala University: 

  • Master Programme in Management, Communication and IT (MKIT)
  • information systems
  • media and communication studies
  • human-computer interaction 
  • journalism 
  • computer and systems studies (DSV)
  • administrative data management (ADB)
  • information technology
  • information studies
  • Software Engineering

IM Alumn is also open for those who work or have previously worked at the department of informatics and media (including the time when the institution was known under other names such as dept. of information studies, department of ADB and computer studies, department of information handling and sociology department)

Contact IM-alumn:

IM-alumn can also be found on Facebook and Linkedin.

For future and current alumni

Keep in touch with your prior class mates and create new contact through the Alumni Network at Uppsala University.

To register as a member of IM Alumn, we want you to choose one of five subgroups. Click on the link to the group that suits you best and follow the instructions:

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