Equal opportunities at informatics and media

The department’s group for equal opportunities promotes equal opportunities for students and employees. The group consists of representatives of employees and students. We are continuously working to integrate the equal opportunities perspective in the daily activities at the department. Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how this aim can be fulfilled or ideas in general about equal opportunities.

Informatics and media’s group for equal opportunities

Suggestions, questions or ideas?

Here below you can, anonymously, submit any equal opportunities related questions and/or suggestions to contribute to the working group for equal opportunities. Information sent through this function will be forwarded to the equal opportunities officer. Note that we through this field will not be able to give you any response.

If you instead wish to get in contact with us regarding any issue and/or suggestion, you can contact the equal opportunities officer or any other member of the equal opportunities group. We are happy to receive suggestions or ideas which can help develop the department’s work on equal opportunities.

By sending this information you approve that the Department of Informatics and Media collects and processes the data you provide through the form. The information provided through this form is sent to the equal opportunities officer that can come to share it with the rest of the working group for equal opportunities.

Last modified: 2023-09-12